Graduate Level

  • Math Camp for incoming PhD students, Summer 2023
    • Lecturor for Mathematics & Statistics

Undergraduate Level

  • Introduction to International Relations, Spring 2024
    • Teaching Assistant for Brett Benson
  • Introduction to International Relations, Fall 2023
  • Formal Theory and International Security, Spring 2020
    • Teaching Assistant for Bradley Smith
  • Introduction to International Relations, Fall 2019
    • Teaching Assistant for Jennifer Larson

Student Comments Excerpts

    "Chae was very approachable and kind. Even when discussing more complex matters, Chae created a learning environment where people felt comfortable asking questions." (Math Camp 2023)
    "Chae is very patient and she puts in great effort to help me succeed." (PSCI 1102)
    "Chae was always available to help! That was the most useful tool, especially when a data analysis assignment suddenly stumped me." (PSCI 2221)
    "ChaeEun's email responses and feedback for assignments are very thorough and helpful. She is honest and wants to help students improve." (PSCI 2221)
    "Chae did an excellent job of going through the material with examples on the board. With both her explaining and the examples she gave, I was able to understand how to use calculus very quickly." (Math Camp 2023)
    "I thought her lesson on the US and China trade wars was very engaging, and she was helpful with understanding concepts in office hours. I don't see any major ways for her teaching to be improved." (PSCI 1102)
    "Her feedback was helpful and her review sessions as well. Chae was well knowledged in the course material which was helpful when asking questions. I like that she offered the opportunity for additional help with her review sessions." (PSCI 1102)
    "I really enjoyed the one–on–one office hours because she explained what you could improve on in your essay outlines and it was completely tailored to what you wrote." (PSCI 1102)